Meet The Team

Chris Chalmers

Owner/Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer/ CrossFit Endurance/ Chief Liaison Officer/Ship’s Captain

The Old Bull prides himself on having a stable full of prize-winning stallions and won’t hesitate to tell you a few pearls of wisdom applicable to any situation. Bringing CrossFit into Geelong with his wife Corrine, his systematic approach towards using the best coaches available, the best equipment available and the best methods available have helped mold CFG into a Box where excellence is the expected standard and the results in our members reflect it.

Claims to have benched 400lb at some point in the mid-80s (We aren’t sure if he means 1980s or 1880s however) when weight plates were supposedly heavier than they are now.

  • Victorian, NSW and WA state BJJ champion
  • Australian Champion BJJ
  • Professional Stunt Actor
  • 23 years in the industry

Corrine Chalmers

Owner/Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer

If Chris is the brawn behind CFG, then Corrine is definitely the brains. The reason the building doesn’t fall down, if there’s a problem being fixed, it’s probably Corrine fixing it. A testament to how pregnancy is not an irreversible blow to your fitness, Corrine is a proud Paleo mum who not only runs CFG but works with CrossFit Boxes all around Australia to coach business owners in how to do everything CrossFit that’s not on a platform or a barbell.

  • 2013 CrossFit Games Australia/NZ Regionals Team Competitor
  • 2014 CrossFit Games Australia/NZ Regionals Team Competitor

Selina Mitchell

Administrator/Level 1 Certified Trainer

Selina or “Aunty” to everyone who walks through the door, is probably the first smiling face you will see as you walk into CFG. A librarian in a former life, Aunty took off the glasses, shook out the hair and broke out of her quiet shell through finding CrossFit. Taking care of most of the membership and administration, Aunty works tirelessly to keep the paperwork in order but doesn’t mind a cheeky coffee or lunch with the Social Saturdays crew. Swing by the front desk and distract her with a short 20 minute chat about how you went in the WOD!

  • 2012 Tough Mudder Challenge Participant

Tom Lengyel

Head Coach/Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer/Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor

Tommy “The Technique” Lengyel may only tip the scales at a tender 71kg, but anyone who takes the time to watch him lift will understand the meaning of virtuosity. An active youth, Tom became addicted to the science behind Olympic lifting and naturally found functional movement and CrossFit from there. Joining the team in 2011 and taking the lead as head coach in 2013, Tom believes the CFG coaches are at the frontline in helping people change their lives to become better; that is, healthier, fitter and stronger. A high achieving athlete and coach, Tom is dedicated to helping our community to realise that CrossFit is not just a gym, but a lifestyle choice which can dramatically change lives for the better!

  • Victorian Weightlifting Championship Gold Medalist
  • Australian Weightlifting Championship Silver Medalist
  • 2013 Schwartz’s Challenge 35th Place
  • 2013 CrossFit Games Australia/NZ Regionals Team Competitor
  • 2014 CrossFit Games Australia/NZ Regionals Team Competitor

Kelly Carroll

Level 1 Certified Trainer/ Registered Nurse

Always a nurturing and friendly face at the Box, Kelly joined in 2011 and is part of the largest family all training at CFG! Working as Registered Nurse, training hard and always ready to say a kind word, this quiet coach is possibly one of the nicest CrossFitters you could meet. Keen to welcome newcomers to the CFG community, when she’s not saving lives as a nurse, Kelly can usually be found somewhere in the corner mobilizing those knees!

  • 2012 Schwartz’s Challenge 28th Place
  • 2013 Schwartz’s Challenge 42nd Place
  • 2013 CrossFit Games Australia/NZ Regionals Team Competitor
  • 2014 CrossFit Games Australia/NZ Regionals Team Competitor

Lachlan McClusky

Level 1 Certified Trainer/ CrossFit Endurance Certified

One of the first coaches you will meet, Lachie runs the Fundamental Classes that many members will experience as they join CFG. Having played almost every sport under the sun as a young man, Lachie found his calling in the pursuit of technical virtuosity in Olympic lifting. A serious man with a serious obsession with milk, Lachie is a very technical coach, passionate about helping our community move well. An expert when it comes to rehabilitation and the man to see if you are struggling after knee issues, make sure you ask lots of questions in his Fundamental Classes to improve your technique.

  • Victorian Weightlifting Championship Qualifier
  • Australian Weightlifting Championship Qualifier

Daniel Jabornik

Level 1 Certified Trainer

Nicknamed “Jabba”, this tall coach is the antithesis to his Star Wars namesake. With a background of coaching strength and conditioning to AFL and cricket teams and Western Australian mine facilities, Jabba’s quest for self-development brought him to Geelong to study a degree in Sport & Exercise Science. Having trained in CrossFit since 2011, upon signing up at CFG, his potential as an athlete and trainer was apparent from the start and Jabba smoothly transitioned into his role as a CFG coach. Got a question about strength and conditioning or even how the wind conditions are up at 6 and a half feet, get onto Jabba!


Daniel Tinitali

Level 1 Certified Trainer

Better known as “Tinnaz”, you will hear this coach before you make it into the building. Coming from a National Gridiron background, Tinnaz joined CFG as a member in January 2012, mistakenly believing he was strong and fit. After experiencing “Murph”, Tinnaz found CrossFit had the means to build his strength, gain fitness and shed the 20kg of baggage he no longer needed. Quickly moving from twice a week to twice a day, he eventually jumped onboard to help coach while he continues to finish his degree in Nursing/Paramedicine. Capable of lifting big weights as well as having a tertiary education perspective on health, this big man strongly believes every person, from athletes to grandmas can benefit from CrossFit.

  • Victorian Weightlifting Championships Gold Medalist
  • 2013 Schwartz’s Challenge 32nd Place
  • 2014 CrossFit Games Australia/NZ Regionals Team Competitor

Nick White

level 1 Certified Trainer

If there is one coach who has tried it all before finding CrossFit, it is Nick Brown. With a background in competitive rowing and basketball throughout high school, Nick has continued to train all manners of different fitness disciplines, from middle distance running and boxing, to competitive bodybuilding. After experiencing the CrossFit community whilst supporting the CFG team to the 2013 State of Origin Classic, the spark of competition and the seed of community-based fitness were sewn and eventually drank all the Koolaid to become CFG’s newest addition.

Nick’s has been training clients for a number of years now and with his in depth knowledge about coaching, nutrition and skill development he will make a great addition to our Team


  • 2013 Victorian Titles INBA Natural Bodybuilding Competitor
  • Captain of The Geelong College Basketball Teams
  • Geelong Division 1 Basketball Representative


Alira Verity

level 1 Certified Trainer/ Strongman Certified

As an experienced CrossFitter of dozens of competitions, you will find this exuberant coach noisily finding the enjoyable way to improvement for all the athletes around her. Coming to CFG after many years training and working in Melbourne, Alira adds in an experienced and competitive mind to the coaching staff. More often than not, she can be the coach next to you at the end of the WOD, encouraging, laughing and probably socialising just a little bit too much. If you are shy, a little afraid or generally unsure about this whole CrossFit thing, Alira will often be the warm smile that makes you feel at home.

• 2012 Iron Athlete Health and Fitness Spring Challenge 1st Place
• 2013 State Of Origin CrossFit YouFit Classic 15th Place
• 2013 CrossFit Albury Christmas Invitational Teams 3rd Place
• 2013 CrossFit Moorabbin MiniBowl 17th Place