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At CrossFit Geelong all new member are required to complete our fundamentals program. Recently a few people have enquired with us but have been completely unfamiliar with the concept of our Fundamentals program and why we do it. Hopefully this little post will clear things up for us all!

Fundamentals are exactly that – the basics of everything we do boiled down to the simplest form, given in the simplest way, with the most attention and time given to you as possible. Each of the key movements and their subsequent variations are broken down, explained and practiced, with an opportunity for you to ask questions and gain clear, concise feedback from our coaches. It’s completely understandable that many people are eager to get into our classes and start getting fit, but if you take a bit of time to understand the concepts behind CrossFit, it becomes much clearer that not only will taking the time to nail down each Fundamental movement help you get fitter faster, the process itself if completely properly will give you a decent workout!

We often talk at CrossFit Geelong about our #1 Rule of Technique before Consistency, Consistency before Intensity. Movement, not weight or complexity of progression, is the key to increasing fitness. (Remember that Fitness is our ability to do more of anything we want to do in any amount of time, “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domain”). By spending time developing each of the key movements we cover in Fundamentals (Squats, Presses, Lifts, Gymnastics), you will give yourself the most control and coordination over your body possible before starting classes. Why is this important? Well to be blunt, greater control over your body equals better performance and less risk of injury. Want to do better in the classes? Nail your Fundamentals. Want to reduce the risk of hurting yourself in the classes (and outside the classes in everyday life)? Nail your Fundamentals. A clear trend has become apparent to our coaching staff over the years, which is that those who spend the most time mastering the basics end up the fittest, with the least injuries and niggles, who stay at CrossFit happy and healthy in the long run! Unfortunately the flip side of this, is that many who rush in too early, scale up before they are ready, neglect the basics of their technique or try to use too much weight, end up progressing slowly with a greater chance of injuring themselves.

Fundamentals are an opportunity for our coaches to teach you about scaling (adjusting your movement progression or weight) or modifying the WOD to suit you. What you will find is that in every class, there is a wide variety of members, with a multitude of differing strengths and weaknesses. With every individual struggling or excelling in different areas, in a class with back squats, you might be squatting 100kg, the person to your left squatting 20kg and the person to your right squatting 200kg. The weight doesn’t really matter – it’s the movement (scaled appropriately to your fitness and experience) that counts. Pull-ups are another example, where many people adjust to their level by adding resistance bands. The same movement is achieved but adjusted to everyone’s individual ability in relation to the intended workout.

So with all these pretty important reasons for the development of our Fundamentals program, the question should hopefully be answered as to why we do it. We hope that with this information now in your hands you no longer ask why we have a Fundamentals program that you “have” to do. A better question is why would you go to a gym that doesn’t have Fundamentals?

CrossFit Geelong Fundamentals come in two formats.

Private Fundamentals

  • 4 one-hour sessions
  • Individually booked in with one of our Level-1 Certified CrossFit Trainers
  • Organised to suit a time that fits in with YOUR schedule
  • Focus on the movements and concepts you need help with

Class Fundamentals

  • 6 one-hour class sessions
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Nights at 7-8pm
  • An opportunity to meet other new members of our community

Book in for a FREE tryout session, talk to our coaches and see how CFG will work for you. 


I payed out on CrossFit at the start. I mean, when you walk into the gym and there is a whole bunch of names on the board and yours isn’t up there you instantly think ‘what sort of elitist club is this’. 
So I carried on going to the gym in the morning lifting the same boring weights, doing a set and then fluffing about while the CrossFit group ran outside, swung kettlebells, motivated each other and generally looked excited about completing the task. When they’d finished their workout, I still had heaps to do, but without any real motivation. I ended my workouts when I wanted – complete or not.

After the November bootcamp last year, I made a pact with someone else (Tom Smith) in my group that we were going to give this CrossFit class a go. I soon found out that the names on the board were the workouts (WOD’s) – not the people involved and that each WOD was completed either in a timeframe or amount of rounds. 
After a month of classes three days a week and better diet (I cut bread back by about 80%), I’d lost 5kg’s! I couldn’t lose weight when I was doing my own thing, so I was stoked!

In 45 minutes I’m getting a cardio/strength/stretching/high intensity workout with a clear goal of ‘getting it done and getting on with your life’ rather than the drudgery of lone gym work without ‘explosive’ results.

I was also excited about getting up and going to the class – for the first time, I couldn’t wait for Moday/Wednesday/Friday mornings in the gym rather than rolling over and hitting the snooze button until my window of gym time had expired. Fun at the gym? Yes, with CrossFit and like minded people, it is!

Now, 5 months on, I’m 2kg’s away from my goal weight (10kg’s lost so far!) and my body is leaner, faster and stronger than it has ever been!
The best thing is that anything I attempt now, be it other sports, work challenges and/or life challenges, has become easier. Strong healthy body = Strong healthy mind.

CrossFit for life!

Tom Smith

I definitely consider myself a CrossFit convert. It took off very quickly and I remember being a bit annoyed that my regular morning boxing class was to be replaced with a CrossFit one. Before long I decided to see what all the fuss was about and joined in on a few sessions. Very quickly, I noticed some remarkable changes in my performance. My fitness improved at levels well beyond anything I had achieved previously. I found myself moving far more freely and being a lot less fatigued after a days work than I ever have before. Better still, the people are great and the sessions are challenging but not repetitive. If you’re reading this you are already curious about CrossFit. From my experience, don’t read about it, come and do it, you will be truly amazed. Tom Smith

Tamara Rus

I just completed by 1st ever 1/2 Marathon… and I didn’t even train for it! Well, not quite… I just did my normal training: CrossFit and bootcamp, and that was all I needed.

If people go to your gym and just do a couple of CrossFit classes a week they can do this, too. I didn’t run any distances or did anything special, and I crossed over the finish line feeling really good. No issue, cardio-wise… just legs were feeling a bit tired. But hey… it was 23.5 kms from Kennett River to Apollo Bay, up and down those hills. I couldn’t be happier.

Tamara Rus