I payed out on CrossFit at the start. I mean, when you walk into the gym and there is a whole bunch of names on the board and yours isn’t up there you instantly think ‘what sort of elitist club is this’. 
So I carried on going to the gym in the morning lifting the same boring weights, doing a set and then fluffing about while the CrossFit group ran outside, swung kettlebells, motivated each other and generally looked excited about completing the task. When they’d finished their workout, I still had heaps to do, but without any real motivation. I ended my workouts when I wanted – complete or not.

After the November bootcamp last year, I made a pact with someone else (Tom Smith) in my group that we were going to give this CrossFit class a go. I soon found out that the names on the board were the workouts (WOD’s) – not the people involved and that each WOD was completed either in a timeframe or amount of rounds. 
After a month of classes three days a week and better diet (I cut bread back by about 80%), I’d lost 5kg’s! I couldn’t lose weight when I was doing my own thing, so I was stoked!

In 45 minutes I’m getting a cardio/strength/stretching/high intensity workout with a clear goal of ‘getting it done and getting on with your life’ rather than the drudgery of lone gym work without ‘explosive’ results.

I was also excited about getting up and going to the class – for the first time, I couldn’t wait for Moday/Wednesday/Friday mornings in the gym rather than rolling over and hitting the snooze button until my window of gym time had expired. Fun at the gym? Yes, with CrossFit and like minded people, it is!

Now, 5 months on, I’m 2kg’s away from my goal weight (10kg’s lost so far!) and my body is leaner, faster and stronger than it has ever been!
The best thing is that anything I attempt now, be it other sports, work challenges and/or life challenges, has become easier. Strong healthy body = Strong healthy mind.

CrossFit for life!

Tom Smith

I definitely consider myself a CrossFit convert. It took off very quickly and I remember being a bit annoyed that my regular morning boxing class was to be replaced with a CrossFit one. Before long I decided to see what all the fuss was about and joined in on a few sessions. Very quickly, I noticed some remarkable changes in my performance. My fitness improved at levels well beyond anything I had achieved previously. I found myself moving far more freely and being a lot less fatigued after a days work than I ever have before. Better still, the people are great and the sessions are challenging but not repetitive. If you’re reading this you are already curious about CrossFit. From my experience, don’t read about it, come and do it, you will be truly amazed. Tom Smith

Tamara Rus

I just completed by 1st ever 1/2 Marathon… and I didn’t even train for it! Well, not quite… I just did my normal training: CrossFit and bootcamp, and that was all I needed.

If people go to your gym and just do a couple of CrossFit classes a week they can do this, too. I didn’t run any distances or did anything special, and I crossed over the finish line feeling really good. No issue, cardio-wise… just legs were feeling a bit tired. But hey… it was 23.5 kms from Kennett River to Apollo Bay, up and down those hills. I couldn’t be happier.

Tamara Rus


Crossfit = results!! Whatever your fitness goals are… it gets you there.

Ever since I can remember I have been involved in sport and very interested in my own personal health & fitness. I would set goals, just to watch them float on by. Then I started to do crossfit.

The results came in hard and fast. Yes, I had to push myself outside my comfort zone but the satisfaction of completing a session you didnt think you could, is priceless. I could have continued to waste my time running on a treadmill and doing the odd weights session, sure… but I wanted results. Crossfit = results. Whatever yours are, stop wasting your time and get into crossfit where every second counts.

Leah Burrows

Susan Bisset

I signed up for my first Bootcamp in October 2009 No 25, it was a milestone for Physical Revolution and I remember Chris saying how proud he was that they had  reached 25 Bootcamps and was glad I was part of it and felt it maybe an omen.  There were quite a lot of people there making 9 groups, I landed in group 7 and was very happy that I finished the trial under an hour.  My trainer was Selina, how fortunate for me as she was the inspiration I needed at the time to keep going.  I could barely bend my legs after the trial (that hill is not good) and by Tuesday I could manage to move after warming up.  Then I was introduced to not just your normal push-ups and situps but Burpees, v-ups, squats and all the things that hurt you most.  I could hardly do any of them and was always out of breath and ready to collapse in a heap but I was addicted straight away.  I noticed others in higher groups and thought ‘I hope one day I will be there’, just finished my 5th Bootcamp and was in Group 2.  It is an odd feeling to be around people that you used to strive to be as fit as and actually be training with them.

I have always been overweight and struggled to lose and/or keep it off, always kidding myself that I may have been big but if I could still play tennis then it was ok.  I became a little too lax there for a while and paid the price by getting type 2 diabetes.  My doctor discussed the options and I decided that I needed to see if I could control it with diet and exercise, hence the Bootcamp,  that was June 2009, August 2010 I am proud to say that my results showed I was no longer at diabetic levels.

I also have become a huge fan of Crossfit.  I love the group atmosphere and the encouragement it gives.  The variety keeps your whole body working, I have never been as fit as I am now but still have a way to go.  I will not be happy until I can do pull-ups without those bands.

I have never felt inferior at Physical Revolution, everyone is friendly and welcoming.  It stems from the top, (as Chris often lets us know) Chris and Corrine lead by example and I am extremely grateful they live in Geelong.  I have a huge thankyou to Selina, my Bootcamp trainer for the first two I did.  You encouraged me endlessly and I will always be grateful, you are a huge part of where I am today, Thanks.  Cam always pushes when I want to stop or reduce weights, I am grateful, even if I keep complaining.

This leads me to something that I still am having trouble believing.  I was overwhelmed at the breakup when I was given the honour of the Billy Jo award.  I go to classes and only give back what I have received from this great bunch of people.  I did not have the opportunity to meet Billy Jo but from the passionate way her friends talk about her, words cannot describe the feelings I get when I think of where it comes from.  I remember listening to Shane when he received it and thought what an inspiration.  Thank you very much and I can only hope I can continue to encourage those around me.

Susan Bissett