Is CrossFit right for me?

Ask yourself two questions. Am I willing to learn? Am I willing to listen? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you are the right person and we’d love to have you!

Because we have to be honest with you, our community is a positive one. We choose to give the best of ourselves to raise each  other up.  We all have bad days, but generally, the people in our community bring a positive attitude.

How does CrossFit differ from my normal gym?

At the heart of CrossFit is a generous, thriving community. You are not given a program card and left to work it out on your own. From the beginning, you receive high quality coaching and the support of CrossFitters who will guide and help you every step of the way.

There are a number of scheduled classes on the timetable, but you are also able to come in during our open training hours and we will take you through the Workout Of the Day (WOD).

CrossFit is a proven method that military, fire, police, professional sports bodies, remedial health professionals, doctors, elderly support and kids all over the world are adopting as their only method for exercise.

Our training is purely functional exercise.  Our trainers are fully certified and have been in the industry a long time. When we say ‘certified’ we mean ‘CrossFit Certified’. Our trainers endure a rigorous process that surpasses all other training methods.

Go to www.crossfit.com for a comprehensive list of all the certified training organizations. We do NOT advise visiting a non-certified training organisation if you are hoping to learn the CrossFit Fundamentals. Look  for the real thing and make sure you have done your homework first.

What is the “Workout Of the Day” (WOD)?

Known as the WOD, the Workout of the Day is at the heart of CrossFit. It is constantly varied: every session is different, everyday there is a “WOD” on the board and on the website. We program these workouts so all you have to do is follow them.

What is functional exercise and why is it important?

How many times are you required to do a leg extension or a bicep curl in your daily life? Never! So why would you train your body to move like this? Functional movements are movements based on real-world situational biomechanics.  We train you to move  your body correctly, efficiently and powerfully for the benefit of your everyday life.

There is growing evidence that shows people who exercise on fixed plain machines using repetitive movements are a) more prone to injury in the short term and b) more prone to serious mobility issues in later life.

Non-functional exercises and machine based exercises DO NOT  train any neurological pathways in your body. CrossFit training encourages change on a neurological level to develop balance, co-ordination, accuracy and agility in your body. Talk to any high level sports coach or health professional e.g., physiotherapist and they will tell you that Functional Movement is the key to enhanced sports performance and injury prevention.

Who does CrossFit and where do they come from?

CrossFit attracts people who like attention to detail, the professional coaching and our no-nonsense approach to fitness and include:

  • Pensioners who don’t want to end up in wheelchairs or reliant on mobility aids.
  • Pure beginners wanting to learn basic functional movement and proper nutrition.
  • People who are overweight and have tried everything.
  • People who don’t want their time and money wasted on quick fixes and gimmicks.
  • Athletes who want to develop their power base.

Those who choose CrossFit want to use their bodies correctly so they can live their best life possible. You do not have to be super-fit before you start. You just have to be willing to leave your ego at the door and be open to listening and learning.

I am very unfit. How can I train amongst athletes? How do we train together?

Theworkouts are scaled to suit your ability; everyone does the same range of functional movement so the quality of technique is still maintained. The load varies depending on your ability.

An example of this would be a young athlete and an elderly beginner doing a dead lift. The young athlete might be lifting 100kg, whereabouts the older beginner will be using a broomstick: same functional movement but different load.

What type of results can I expect?

You will see results within the first 4 weeks.  If you follow our coaching, listen to our nutritional advice  and follow through consistently and regularly you will see a 15-20% increase in strength and endurance.

You will see impressive changes in body composition as well as a reduction in back, neck, knee and joint problems.  For this to happen you need to start where we tell you to, listen and progress as we advise.  Our coaches are highly trained in knowing what you need to do to progress effectively and safely.

Quick fixes are just that – and have no place at CrossFit. You are encouraged to take consistent action for your greatest success. Some people spend six weeks learning how to squat properly.

Being able to squat properly is the foundation where everything else derives from. Watch a baby when they transition from crawling to walking. Look at how they squat and you will see that it is perfect. Being able to squat properly with just your body weight requires balance, flexibility, core strength, coordination, agility, and accuracy. If you cannot do this properly you should not really be doing anything else until you can. This is where you begin.

Just like a house, once you have strong foundations you are able to build anything. Try cheating and taking shortcuts and you know what the answer will be.