Getting Started

The First step to Getting Started:

Read our Club Policy then read the “About” section to get an Overview of what the CrossFit Program is.

The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We have used our same exercises for elderly individuals and Athletes. We scale load and intensity; we do not change programs.

Our Club Policy

We are looking for the right people, people that are positive, motivated, and fun to be around with. We have people from all walks of life, age groups, and abilities that train side by side. CrossFit is  community-grown which means that our members are the ones that grow it. To grow it, must be the ideal mindset people want to be.

If you are negative, unsure of what you actually want, distance yourself, or are fond of putting others down so they feel intimidated; this is not the gym for you. We are NOT a commercial gym, we are a privately owned gym so we do not have to please anyone apart from the people within the community.

We offer 2 options for payment:

  1. Fortnightly direct debit, on a month-by-month agreement

We send you a notice 1-month after the next billing date. Cancellation of membership is done if payment has not been received after the notice.

  1. Upfront Payment

If you want to pay up front, we have a  pro-rated package until the end of the financial year. We conduct all our paid up-front renewals every month of June of every yaer.

(e.g. If you join in February,  your payment shall cover the first month (February) until June 30th.). To simplify operations and financial statements, we DO NOT accept cash payments on a monthly basis.


If you are a CrossFitter from overseas or interstate, we will charge you our weekly rate x the amount of time that you are here in one lump sum payment.

We DO NOT coach PT’s or other trainers to teach their own clients.

Training classes are strictly for CrossFit members. You cannot attend classes if you have not done fundamentals unless you are a member of another CrossFit Affiliate. To do fundamentals you must be willing to become a member. 

We keep our policy strict so we can deliver quality coaching and put our time into our members.

Second Step: Free Intro Session

This is a session in which we evaluate your fitness level and you get a feel for what we do and how we do it. We will take you through a specialized warm-up to start the evaluation process.

Skill training is next to evaluating the level of training you will need. Finally, the workout, after this we will go over the next course of action for you and the answer any questions you might have.

Third Step: Fundamentals Program

We have 6 Fundamentals Classes that cycle every two weeks:

The Fundamentals schedule is:

Tuesday 7:00pm

Thursday 7.00pm

Friday 7:00pm

Fundamentals 1,2 and 3 will be one week, then 4,5, and 6 the next. The week after we will then start the cycle over again and this goes on week after week all year long. This cycle changes as well to allow for missed sessions.

In Fundamentals you will learn and be introduced to the necessary skills you will need to do CrossFit. This will be your start. If you or your coach feel your not ready to jump into regular classes you can repeat these sessions until you both a confident in doing so.

These six sessions are all compulsory, and are to be done within the first month. You may attend ALL OPEN TRAINING sessions on the timetable, to practice your technique and skills. But you cannot attend regular classes until all 6 sessions are completed.

These classes are very in depth and will be mostly coaching. They will teach you the CrossFit terminology, how to scale, when to use intensity and when you need to rest. Whether you are already an advanced athlete or have not ever worked out, you will get something out of these classes. Our coaches are very knowledgeable and will tune the information you receive based on your skill level.

Sessions will consist of:

·       45 Min of Skills & Technique

·       10 Min WOD

·       Mobility Work

What if I cannot make the nightly fundamental sessions?

If you cannot make any of the fundamentals classes then you can book in to do it privately over 4 x 1 hour sessions. These session times will be made individually with a coach.

What if I miss some of  nightly fundamental sessions or cannot make a certain night?

This will not matter as our coaches will let you know which sessions to catch up on over the month, each cycle changes so if you miss every Friday night you will pick that session up on the other nights.

How much are the Fundamentals classes?

  • Scheduled sessions (class-based) are $120 which includes a speed rope.
  • Private One-On-One sessions are $170 which includes a speed rope.

However, we do recommend the evenings session in a group format as the primary option. 

Fourth Step: CrossFit Classes

Once you have completed the Fundamentals Program, you can take as many regular classes as you like. The regular classes are an hour long and generally consist of: a warm up, a set of technical movements (that will be demonstrated and then broken down into coached steps) and a Workout of the Day (WOD). After this, we spend about 10-15 mins on mobility exercise and stretching, this is just an important and the exercise itself.

The WOD can vary in length from 3min-60min, but generally are around 8-20min long. In regular classes you will expand your repertoire of movements as you continue to develop.

Regular classes will rarely, if ever, be the same as another day. Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity are the goal. A month of these classes will have a solid effect in your life!

Pricing: We Do Not have Joining Fees or Contracts

Fundamentals program:

  • Scheduled sessions $120 which includes a speed rope.
  • Privately $170 including a speed rope.

Unlimited Classes

  • $35.95 Per Week with No Lock in Contracts
  • $20.00 casual classes (you must have completed fundamentals or a member of a CF affiliate)


  • Give us a call or email us. We love what we do and are glad to talk about it any time we can.

Yes we are more expensive than traditional gyms.

Chances are, your reading about us because you are NOT getting value for what your paying now or you just want to do CrossFit! We are not charging you to cover our payments on expensive, non-functional machines that look flashy and that provide you with a rack to rest your magazine that you read while talking on your phone and “working out”.

You pay us for focused, personalized training. You pay us to be responsible and attentive to your progress. You pay us to program your workouts for you. You pay us to teach you to move correctly and safely. You pay us to support you in making optimal nutrition changes. You pay us to be your guides and support for increasing your health and fitness.

Compared to the other gym programs, our personal training is of exceptional value. Our staff have been trained and are professional trainers, they do not pause on programs. They give you what you need and see long-term results. What they deliver is exceptional. We stand by what we say; “You get what you pay for.”