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By June 13, 2012Community

I payed out on CrossFit at the start. I mean, when you walk into the gym and there is a whole bunch of names on the board and yours isn’t up there you instantly think ‘what sort of elitist club is this’. 
So I carried on going to the gym in the morning lifting the same boring weights, doing a set and then fluffing about while the CrossFit group ran outside, swung kettlebells, motivated each other and generally looked excited about completing the task. When they’d finished their workout, I still had heaps to do, but without any real motivation. I ended my workouts when I wanted – complete or not.

After the November bootcamp last year, I made a pact with someone else (Tom Smith) in my group that we were going to give this CrossFit class a go. I soon found out that the names on the board were the workouts (WOD’s) – not the people involved and that each WOD was completed either in a timeframe or amount of rounds. 
After a month of classes three days a week and better diet (I cut bread back by about 80%), I’d lost 5kg’s! I couldn’t lose weight when I was doing my own thing, so I was stoked!

In 45 minutes I’m getting a cardio/strength/stretching/high intensity workout with a clear goal of ‘getting it done and getting on with your life’ rather than the drudgery of lone gym work without ‘explosive’ results.

I was also excited about getting up and going to the class – for the first time, I couldn’t wait for Moday/Wednesday/Friday mornings in the gym rather than rolling over and hitting the snooze button until my window of gym time had expired. Fun at the gym? Yes, with CrossFit and like minded people, it is!

Now, 5 months on, I’m 2kg’s away from my goal weight (10kg’s lost so far!) and my body is leaner, faster and stronger than it has ever been!
The best thing is that anything I attempt now, be it other sports, work challenges and/or life challenges, has become easier. Strong healthy body = Strong healthy mind.

CrossFit for life!

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