Adam Edwick Athlete for October

Adam Edwick Athlete for October

Who Are You?

My name is Adam Edwick, I am a bus driver working for CDC (old benders) been with them since 2012. I am a sports fanatic with particular interests in AFL (Geelong) Rugby League (Melbourne, QLD and Australia), cricket and soccer. But more recent times watch a lot of Crossfit games and other associated sports. I am single without any Children. I coach football umpires locally and in Colac, been involved with umpiring since 1991.

Why Crossfit?

Twelve months after I initially enquired, Corrine and Selina attended a Geelong Umpires function at Buckleys. And did a presentation. The following Saturday I tried out a class, and have been a member ever since. I’d been a member at Leisurelink for 20 years or so. Crossfit was such a breath of fresh air and quickly became my preferred training venue. The coaches here are brilliant and very knowledgeable, the setup at CFG that Chris and Corrine have created is inspiring, and when you get welcomed by Selina and Chrissy. Makes for a community feel, that’s very inclusive, a sense of belonging.

What Is your favourite WOD

They’re all Hard haha. Fran is good quick workout, I enjoyed ‘Sarah’ WOD recently. Don’t mind ones that you need to chip away at.

Who or What Inspires you?

Although we are all varying body types and fitness levels, seeing people having a red hot go at trying to improve themselves is inspiring. One quote that is on the Box Rules poster says ‘Leave Your Ego at the Door, Crossfit is Humbling for everyone’. Resonates with me. When you see the best of the best doing the best they can and we are all trying to do the best we can, shows that Crossfit as tough as it is for everyone is highly rewarding, at completion of a WOD.

Advice for Newcomers

I am a pretty big guy, CFG has probably not just changed my life but saved it in many ways. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time, wish I joined a lot earlier. Doesn’t matter who you are or what your body shape or size is, come in and have a go.

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