Athlete for February 2019 Olivia Miller

Athlete for February 2019 Olivia Miller

Who are you?

I’m Olivia. I’m 21 and just graduated uni at the end of last year so I currently have too much time on my hands. I laugh at basically anything, especially myself.  Likes: dogs, beach and good food. Dislikes: cheese.

Why CrossFit?

I love the social side of crossfit! Coming into the gym to see my friends every day is the best. Aside from that I love that every day is a different workout, so I NEVER get bored.

What is your favourite WOD?

30 muscle ups for time.

Who or What inspires you?

Nike. Just do it.

 Advice for newcomers?

I would say don’t take yourself too seriously. Just come to class and enjoy it, even if it sucks. Listen to the coaches, they’re always right

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