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BlogMembers Of The Month

The Butcher Boys Athletes for June 2018

Who are you? Brothers brought up on the Bellarine, who love a challenge, reasonably competitive (one of us more than ‘reasonably’) and have eight children between us, 7 girls and 1 boys. Why CrossFit? Always been active, whether its basketball, swimming or endurance-based sports such as running, triathlon, cycling. Between the three of us we didn’t…

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BlogMembers Of The Month

Michelle Crossley Athlete of the Month

My name’s Michelle. I’ve been crossfitting for a long time! I’ve recently started a new job which means after years of 6am classes I have to get used to training in daylight – it’s taking awhile! I’m still enjoying Crossfit because there’s always something to work on. You can change your focus within Crossfit to…

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