Clare O’Brien September Athlete of the Month

Clare O’Brien September Athlete of the Month

Who are you?

Hi! My name is Clare and I made the big move to Geelong last year, after living in Brunswick for 15 years. I am originally from Horsham (in Victoria) but really wanted to be close to the magnificent Surf Coast. I am a primary teacher and an actor. I love teaching children and have been teaching for many years at different schools (including a year teaching in England). Along with fitness, acting is a true passion. I’ve taught acting at several theatre companies, for children through to adults.   I do plays, short films and television, and I am heavily involved with shows out at the Werribee Historic Mansion. Extra facts about me – I love lattes, the colour pink, exclamation marks and trail running.

Why CrossFit?

I began my CrossFit journey at CrossFit Victoria in Fitzroy, where I trained for 3 years (some of the best years of my life!). Then I had a break for a few years so I could pursue my running goals and enter some exciting events that I had been training for. CrossFit has really opened my eyes to functional fitness and its universal appeal. I’m addicted! I haven’t been able to step inside a ‘global gym’ ever since (apart from when on holidays!). I could discuss the topic ‘What is Fitness?’ for hours (if you let me!). In fact I’m pretty sure I could submit an essay on it, as it’s the biggest interpretive question I have come across, to which everyone has their own response (based on historical factors, conditioning and social influences). I joined CrossFit Geelong 10 months ago, and the experience has exceeded my expectations. The community spirit is truly awesome, the facility is fabulous, and our trainers* are super talented, professional, supportive and friendly. Most days I just can’t wait to get there!! I love the feeling of smashing out a workout, then coming out of there not knowing what day it is … pure escapism!

What is your favourite WOD?

Hmmm … it would have to be a toss-up between ‘Helen’ and ‘Murph’. And my favourite lift is, without a doubt, the Deadlift.

Who or What Inspires You?

I am inspired by all the fabulous athletes I train with … they encourage me to keep going in workouts and to try harder, even when I think I have ‘nothing left in the tank’. A huge benefit of group training is it gives me the confidence to finish workouts that I sometimes think I can’t do initially. Plus everyone is super friendly, so I’m enjoying building new friendships too. I also admire all of our incredible trainers (see * aforementioned).

Advice for newcomers?

  • Scale appropriately (correct technique before adding weight (always!)
  • Ask trainers for help if you’re unsure of anything
  • Rest as needed on days off (‘active recovery’ still counts as training)
  • Sleep … make sure you get enough zzzzzzz hours (and eat well)
  • Always turn up, because you’ll be glad you did!

Okay, so I’d better wrap this up, as now I’m rambling on … gosh, my life needs a huge EDIT! Thanks for reading. Over and out …

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