Member for the Month for February Pete Elliot

Member for the Month for February Pete Elliot

Who are you?

Hey, I’m Pete Elliott and have been a Geelong CrossFit member for over the past 4 years. I have 4 children in which I am very blessed to have such a great family. Two of my young adult kids also are at Geelong CrossFit which is just awesome to do the WOD’s with them and we are quite competitive against each other. My hobbies are CrossFit as number 1 now, AFL football umpiring after retiring from football and stacking on the weight lol, Surfing and just enjoy all sports.

Why CrossFit?

CrossFit found me when Geelong CrossFit sponsored the Geelong Football umpires league over 4 years ago and I have never looked back. The workouts and stimulus of moving all parts of your body and of course lifting weights is both challenging, inspiring and satisfying. When first starting I was so stiff and had lack of mobility yet thought I was okay. Yes still lacking some mobility but what a vast change it has made to my life and wellbeing. My fitness and endurance over the past four years has kept myself in great shape for my sporting commitments especially being a senior field football umpire and without the challenges CrossFit throws at you keeps me at the top of my game.

What is your favourite WOD?

12 Days of Christmas

Who or What inspires you?

I must say that the CrossFit community inspires myself. Seeing no matter the ability, age or fitness level there is no negativity and everyone rallies behind each other. No ego’s and just awesome people.

Advice for new comers?

Embrace the burn. You will never look back once you commit to the programming.

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