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Sian Malone Member of the Month


Who are you?
I am a 33yr old dental assistant and mother to an 8yr old and 10yr old
Why CrossFit?
After 2 children, 2 knee operations and many years away from playing soccer I was
convinced to return to the game 2 years ago, although very unsure how my body would
hold up. After One season I realised I can still do it but also needed to find something
that while keeping me interested would help regain my strength, speed, coordination
and confidence. One year on and I’m totally hooked on CrossFit.
What is your favourite WOD?
Do enjoy a burpee but couldn’t possibly single out a favourite as I love that everyday
brings something different
Who or What inspires you?
The coaches are absolutely incredible and anyone brave enough to step out of their
comfort zone
Advice for new comers?
Even the best of the best were beginners once.
Listen, watch, try, breathe.

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