Sarah Holmes November Athlete of the Month

Sarah Holmes November Athlete of the Month

Who are you? 

Sarah Holmes. I love cooking up fresh and healthy food as the chef next door at Skinny Dippers and pretty much spend the rest of my time at CFG.

Why CrossFit?

I love the idea and focus on what your body is capable of rather than what it looks like. Plus feeling fitter and stronger makes everyday life much easier too (when you haven’t gone too hard and evening hurts, then it’s a different story….)
What is your favourite WOD?

Anything with a heavish barbell. And not too much cardio, i.e. running.
Who or What inspires you?

My cats Tuna and Lily.
Advice for new comers?

You don’t need to be fit or feel like exercising all the times, just turn up.

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