Veronica Jenkins Member of the Month

Veronica Jenkins Member of the Month

Who are you?

I am VJ. My favourite band is Something for Kate. I love coffee, the CATTERS and CrossFit Geelong!


Why CrossFit?

I moved to Gtown from Melbs in May 2016. After being a member of an all women’s gym for years, I was looking for a new fitness environment in my new town that was a bit different, tougher, more challenging and played better music!!!

And so I found CrossFit Geelong! At first I was really nervous and anxious about starting a new fitness regime in a totally different environment to the gym I was used to – I knew no-one and plus there were men!!!

I was so nervous at my first session, but the awesome Tommy Lengyel looked after me, encouraged me and made me feel at ease.


What is your favourite WOD?

Deadlifts are my favourite lifts so any WODs consisting of them are awesome! I kind of like cleans, pull-ups and pushups too 🙂


Who or What inspires me?

The CFG coaches and members – especially the 6am’ers! I absolutely love the CFC community – so welcoming, supportive, fun and loving. I have made so many wonderful and amazing friends that I love hanging out with at the box, Skinny Dippers, the pub and anywhere really!


Advice for new comers?

Don’t give up! CrossFit can be a bit intimidating at first – especially trying to understand the different lifts, gymnastics and the CF language, but you’ll get there! Joining CFG was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – I love it and my CFG mates.

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