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Discover CrossFit Geelong

CrossFit Geelong has, and still works very hard to have one of the most successful CrossFit Boxes in Australia. There is a reason so many people are drawn to us. Our diverse group of members are what drives our box to run like a well-oiled machine. It doesn’t matter what you lift or where you finish in a workout, once you walk out onto our floor, we are all in this together. A great environment builds friendship, and friendship builds a very successful community!

Our Gym

Our facility is second to none, and our attention to detail backs this up. As CrossFit is an affiliated prescription, no two CrossFit Boxes are the same, sporting different coaches, different setups and different programming. The standard held here at CrossFit Geelong has eventuated in our tutoring and business coaching for other affiliates, as well as coaching of other affiliate staff to help improve their CrossFit Boxes.

We are a wholistic training centre combining Exercise, Health & Wellness  and Nutrition to give you a complete experience.

  1. 800 sqm of training area over 3 separate areas.
  2. Open training area while class is on.
  3. Enclosed Soft floor area for mobility and stretching.
  4. M&F Bathrooms with shower facilities
  5. Newtown Mind and Body is beside us housing some of Geelong’s finest practitioners.
  6. Skinny Dippers cafe is also located beside us,  a wholefoods cafe with awesome coffee.

Meet The CrossFit Geelong Team


Rocky Cranston, Jesse Pearce and Bec Pearce

New Owners of CFG
CrossFit Coaches Geelong

Rocky Cranston

Co-owner / Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer
CrossFit Coaches Geelong

Jackson Bentley

Level 1 CF Coach

Our Locations

Our facilities are the perfect blend of rugged and refined. Each of our locations has its own unique vibe, but one thing remains constant – our amazing people, magnetic coaches and strong sense of community. The moment you step into CrossFit Geelong you will be inspired to push yourself a little harder each day. We take tremendous pride in our facilities and our people, and we are invested in your journey from day one.