Why CrossFit Geelong?


CrossFit Geelong has, and still works very hard to have one of the most successful CrossFit Boxes in Australia. There is a reason so many people are drawn to us. Our diverse group of members are what drives our box to run like a well oiled machine. It doesn't matter what you lift or where you finish in a workout, once you stand on that floor, we are all in this together. A great environment builds friendships and friendships build a very successful community!

Quality Coaching

We are a full-time, purpose-built CrossFit facility with 9 highly experienced coaching staff who hold State and National medals in weightlifting. We have had Individuals and Teams competing at the CrossFit Regionals and our coaches are widely known for the quality of coaching they deliver. The time they put into our extensive programming is what makes our members achieve goals and do things they never thought possible.

A Class Above

Our facility is second to none, and our attention to detail backs this up. No 2 CrossFit Gyms are the same, the only thing that is, is the name. This standard has seen us being approached by a number of other affiliates, for business coaching as well as trainer coaching to help better their CrossFit Boxes.