Member Of The Month Rebecca Walter

Member Of The Month Rebecca Walter

Who are you? I am Bec. I’m a new mum to a 3-month-old girl. Why CrossFit? I decided to start CrossFit because I love the class environment and the way that the coaches actually spend time educating members on technique and skills. The team are so welcoming, supportive and a lot of fun. Post cesarean,…

Member of the Month Georgie Tsiantas

Who are you?  My name is Georgie.  I am 19 years old and I started Crossfit at the end of May 2019. Why CrossFit? My sister got me into doing Crossfit at CFG and I have been addicted ever since.  You meet so many awesome people and develop amazing friendships with everyone you meet! What…

Tim James Member of the Month

Who are you? Tim James. Why CrossFit? Familiar story…was bored doing the same thing at the gym. I had been a member of a Crossfit box in the US about 10 years ago. Thought I’d give it another go. Crossfit has changed a lot in that time. What is your favourite WOD? Helen. Anything with running….

Sian Malone Member of the Month

  Who are you? I am a 33yr old dental assistant and mother to an 8yr old and 10yr old Why CrossFit? After 2 children, 2 knee operations and many years away from playing soccer I was convinced to return to the game 2 years ago, although very unsure how my body would hold up….

Member of the Month Anthony Ivelja

Who are you?  My Name is Anthony Ivelja, Im a 48-year-old firefighter. Why CrossFit? To stay fit for work. What is your favourite WOD? Anything with clean and jerks. Who or What inspires you? The ordinary being extraordinary. Advice for new comers? Flexibility and technique are key.

Athlete for July Duncan Erwin

Who are you?  I’m a dad with three young adult kids who got busy with work and family and let his fitness decline over the last 20 years or so. Why CrossFit? I had some younger guys & girls at work who were big advocates for CrossFit, so I decided to check it out. I…

Athlete of the Month for June Benny Holt

Who are you?  I’ve always enjoyed playing and watching sport and started playing basketball when I was in Grade one, and have since gone on to represent Victoria and Australia in basketball. I’ve also enjoyed competing in Olympic Weightlifting and have now joined the Geelong Dragons FIDA football team. Why CrossFit? Originally, I started having…

Member of the Month May 2019

Who are you?  I am Sanna. I do science, parenting, crossfit and fishing. I grew up in Finland and moved to Norway after high school. About 9 years ago, I immigrated to Australia. Despite having lived here for a while now, I still (occasionally) talk funny English. Why CrossFit? Initially I was looking for a…