This design can be downloaded and used to print through your office printer, a signwriter or commercial printing company. It’s uses are endless: postcard size handouts to give people you come across in everyday life, Large core-flute posters for display in the box, A4 flyers and PDF email outs to internet enquiries.

We are totally thrilled with it and we hope to share it with the global CrossFit Community along with poster 1 & 2. We could have made 12ft poster to cater for all the variations and opinions floating around nutrition. However, we like to keep it simple and easy to follow, eat clean & eat real foods. Keeping it simple helps to explain to new members without starting to confuse them too much with the intricate details of what is allowed and what’s not. Once you start to use this as a template to teach people about eating clean you can describe it in more detail to your members and clients. We added in coffee as we love coffee, and also the part about not beating yourself up if you do indulge occasionally, as we do have to live a little! Please respect that we produced this based on what we believe here at CrossFit Geelong and we hope that it is enjoyed by everyone!

All these posters are digital files, they can be printed from postcard size to 1500mm x 1000mm. If you do not receive the file once payment has been made check you spam folder or email chris@www.crossfitgeelong.com.au


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