What is CrossFit – Black/Red



This design can be downloaded & used to print through your office printer, a signwriter or commercial printing company. It’s uses are endless: Postcard size handouts to give people you come across in everyday life who ask “What is CrossFit?” Large core-flute posters for display in the box, A4 flyers and PDF email outs to internet enquiries.

We originally put this graphic together after using our whiteboard to explain what the CrossFit Method is. Saying CV-FM-HI and increasing work capacity over broad time and modal domains went right over people heads. We wanted to use a simple graphic to explain this before we went into the training. It saved us a lot of whiteboard markers and people find the visual easy to follow.

All these posters are digital files, they can be printed from postcard size to 1500mm x 1000mm. If you do not receive the file once payment has been made check you spam folder or email chris@www.crossfitgeelong.com.au


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