Aman Dhindsa our Athlete for September

Aman Dhindsa our Athlete for September

Who are you? 

I was weightlifter in college days and turned to CrossFit and now CrossFitter for life. (Part time foody)
Why CrossFit?

The best thing about crossfit is group training where all levels of athlete’s workout together. It’s a place where advanced athletes not only motivate newcomers but encourage them to do their best. By giving 4% of your 24 hrs, one can be productive for the remaining 96%.

Especially CROSSFIT GEELONG is a whole package. Once you enter this box, you have everything you need for getting healthy and staying healthy, from the best coaches, health practitioners, staff to awesome community. Take the plunge.
What is your favourite WOD?

One that involves Cleans and Jerk. (I think I am a little bit good at it)
Who or What inspires you?

I am inspired by the spirit of the athletes from all age groups. Once the WOD starts everyone of them gives their 100% percent. It’s liberating experience and pure bliss.
Advice for new comers?

If you can crawl, start crawling. I crawled the first day and have never looked back. One WOD at a time, just never give up. Give yourself the gift of CrossFit, you will thank yourself for it.





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