Michelle Crossley Athlete of the Month

Michelle Crossley Athlete of the Month

My name’s Michelle. I’ve been crossfitting for a long time! I’ve recently started a new job which means after years of 6am classes I have to get used to training in daylight – it’s taking awhile!

I’m still enjoying Crossfit because there’s always something to work on. You can change your focus within Crossfit to keep it interesting – work on strength, technique, core, cardio fitness. I also like to follow the competitive side of Crossfit. What some of the elite athletes are capable of is amazing!

I don’t have a specific favourite wod but usually something that involves a heavy (for me) barbell. I prefer slower paced, heavier workouts over high intensity cardio.

Inspiration for me is the strong, fit girls we have here, especially those who have come back after injury, surgery, babies etc.

They just pick up where they left off and keep getting stronger.

My advice to newcomer’s is don’t be overwhelmed. The terms, techniques, processes can all be a lot to take in – don’t be afraid to ask questions, of the coaches or the members, everyone will happily help out. And it doesn’t matter how long you’re a Crossfitter, there will always be something else you want to get better at, or something new to learn.

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