Athlete of the Month for April

Athlete of the Month for April

Who are you? 

Hi, I’m Adam.  I have two amazing sons and I’m addicted to Crossfit

Why CrossFit?

After training at the gym since my teens I was becoming frustrated with constant injuries (lower back and shoulders) and lack of motivation.  I researched CrossFit in hoping to get coached on proper technique.  Wow I honestly can’t believe how poor my form was all those years, the coaches have been amazing in fine tuning my technique every session and my fitness levels has massively increased.

What is your favourite WOD?

It’s a very primal instinct but I love lifting heavy things, in particular the snatch.  Also love C2B and working on my handstands, my goal is to be able to do a handstand walk by the end of the year.  No better feeling than feeling completely exhausted after a WOD.

Who or What inspires you?

Everyone in my class inspires me as we all have taken time out to work on our fitness together, the energy is very contagious!  I’m a little competitive so I try to keep pace with the more experienced Crossfitters, don’t be offended if I drop a F bomb every now and then.

Advice for new comers?

Best advice for newcomers is to be consistent with training, even when you feel sore still come in as it does get easier and you will feel so much better for it.

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