Brett Ince August Athlete of the Month

Brett Ince August Athlete of the Month

Who are you? 

My name is Brett Ince,  I have grown up in Geelong and love everything our city has to offer. My partner and I love our Geelong life and the proximity we still have to Melbourne, the coast and living close to our families.  I previously worked at Tourism Geelong Bellarine focused on growing the region as a globally recognized destination that delivers world class experiences. Before Tourism Geelong Bellarine I worked in a similar position focused on the Great Ocean Road region. Most recently, I have started working at Parks Victoria in a state-wide role as the Director of Tourism and Visitor Experience. In the past couple of months, I have been exploring our nature-based assets and it has come in very handy that I can tackle long bush walks due to my great fitness level. One of the days I recently walked 25km up and down mountains and my recovery from that was amazing. CrossFit has provided me with great functional fitness.

Why CrossFit?

In my childhood I started karate at the age of 8. I continued karate training until I was 23. My teenage part time job was as a karate instructor mainly teaching children’s programs for the age of 15 to 23. Karate provided me with a sense of achievement and focused my discipline through the important values of humility, discipline and respect. I transitioned to a gym and did a lot of running in my 20’s after finishing karate. After a while, I realised that I needed a greater mental challenge and CrossFit seemed to be the right fit. I love that every day is different and the great sense of achievement. It’s very easy to get up in the morning to train when you know that you are surrounded by like minded people trying our best!

What is your favorite WOD?

I really like Nancy! Love WOD’s with some running in them.

Who or What inspires you?

The people I am surrounded by at the 6am class really inspire me. We all have busy lives but make time to get up nice and early and get the workout done!

Advice for new comers?

Be prepared to have a go at things and know that the trainers will always support you with different options. Don’t over train in the first few months and ensure you have balance in your training.




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