The Butcher Boys Athletes for June 2018

The Butcher Boys Athletes for June 2018

Who are you?

Brothers brought up on the Bellarine, who love a challenge, reasonably competitive (one of us more than ‘reasonably’) and have eight children between us, 7 girls and 1 boys.

Why CrossFit?
Always been active, whether its basketball, swimming or endurance-based sports such as running, triathlon, cycling. Between the three of us we didn’t know anyone who did CrossFit, but we thought it was time to build strength.  Fergus lead the way and joined, and the rest of us followed to ensure we weren’t left behind.  We love doing it together, pushing each other along, and keeping each other accountable (counting reps and weights!).

What is your favorite WOD?
Seamus – Golden Triangle (bike, rower, ski), Deadlifts, Squats.
Liam – Lifting (Snatch, Cleans and strangely Thrusters), rope climbs, HSPU (body weight stuff).
Fergus – Cleans, Thrusters, anything overhead, bit of cardio thrown in.

Who or what inspires you?
The other athletes at the box who hardly miss a session and smash it out every WOD, ensuring they do every movement right and count every rep…’respect’. The three of us are pretty busy with young kids, and we all want to make sure we are as fit as we can be for as long as we can be, to hopefully inspire our kids to live a healthy and fit lifestyle as they grow.

Advice for new comers?
1.  Work on technique – it’s hard enough without making it harder with poor technique

  1. Stretch – although you will often pull up sore (especially if your ‘old’), stretch and get back to the next session and back into it.
    3.  Just enjoy, you’ll love it!!  – the people are great and the coaches the best.  They are inspiring, professional, motivating, and always there to help you improve.


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